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Why You Need an Animated Video for Your Product?

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What an animated video is?

An animated video is the simulation of the movement which is created by exhibiting a series of images or frames, for example the cartoon movie you watch with your kid is a series of images running simultaneously one after another. It might sound similar to a video but there are difference between video and animation. Video takes continuous motion and breaks it into distinct frames but an animation product video company in Canada combines different frames to create an illusion of motion.

Why your product needs a video?

Animated videos are much more entertaining. Think when you were a kid and your parent would sit with you to enjoy your favorite cartoons for hours. There is something about animation that grabs eyes. Moreover animation videos are light hearted way to spread your sale pitch because the last thing you will want to do is to become too pushy. People are less likely to turn off or navigate away if you provide them with an engaging animated character speaking about your product.

Further the traditional web content doesn’t go that far. Texts are quite boring and nobody really does care what is written on your website or the PowerPoint slide you just uploaded. In an attempt to bring in more interest to the product, businesses put lot of images and colorful fonts to load their websites. This doesn’t positively affect your business rather it:

  • Slows down the load time of the website
  • Confuse your potential customer

So, use of an animated video will allow your potential customer to grasp more about your product. Research shows that a person retains only 10% of the thing they hear and about 50% of the things they see. Therefore, a video describing your product in an interesting way will compel the user to share your video or recommend you video to another user. Animated videos thus are a good option if you are heavily relying on mouth to mouth publicity. animated product video company in Canada excel in offering ideas that will dazzle your audiences and leave a long lasting impression. Animated video production services in Canada is flourishing and becoming the top choice of all kinds of businesses, an expert team offers designs that is amazingly stunning, modern and offers ultimate entertainment to the target market .

Animation is something where freedom of imagination and art is pledged!!!

Why features of your product should be explained through animation?

A part of Google’s search ranking algorithm also take account of the number of visitors staying on your website, which is also a prominent reason for boom of the online animation market. Improvement in the page ranking will mean more potential customer visit to your site from search engine. The affordability and effectiveness has made these videos a great marketing tool.

Animated explainer video should explain the usefulness and the basic functionality of the product or service. People tend to get better knowledge of the product or service if they see it working or hear someone explaining it. A video can easily get you connected with your potential client by explaining what you can do for them which others can’t. To get a kick-ass animated video, all you need is to find a web video company in India that thinks out of the box and create something which is more like a visual treat for your audiences.

A Comparison between real shoot and animated product videos

Many people with think, if the video contents are so engaging then why don’t we switch to a real shoot rather than using animated product video. There are numerous reasons to go for an animated video. The first one is the affordability; the cost of an animation video is way cheaper than real shoot. You don’t have to arrange for costly logistics and exotic suiting locations for the shoot. Moreover, people are much more inclined towards watching an animation than looking at a person explain stuff.

Further, there are no limits with an animated video; video production company in Canada can create any storyline you want with everything happening and with the paintbrush you can just throw the rule away. In fact, the crazier your video the more it audience it will attract.

A crazy animated video is going to leave a great impact on audiences than a simple one!!!

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