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Why You Need a Video on Your Website?

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why you need a video for website

Here comes the golden question that why you need a video on your website? Would you rather read a full-length page telling you about the features of a website or would you prefer it in a concise, easy to understand visual form? With the ever increasing access to information, having a video on your website tells the visitors that you take their understanding of your work seriously, and more importantly, you are in tune with the current professional environment.

New statistics show that the attention span of site visitors has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. With the right kind of video, one can hold the visitors’ attention even after the 8th second.

So, what kind of a video should one use? First of all choose a best video production company to make eye-catching video for your website. The video should highlight the main features of the site – it should tell the user what the site or page is about, and what facilities are being offered on the webpage. These features can be broadly classified as –


An introductory video can work as an interesting means to help cover all the information that a site provides, by helping the target audience gain an idea about the kind of work an organization does. Such a video should include a summary of the company’s work, an explanation about the product/ service being offered and an explanation of any terminology being used.

Engaging and Connecting

By giving the audience a personal insight into the kind of work and the work environment of a company, you encourage them to connect at a more personal level. Too much text on a website limits this objective and obscures the core values of a company.

 Direction Based

Most websites have multiple pages and hyperlinks; a video can guide people to the next relevant piece of information. By giving a direction to the visitors, you are engaging them on a comfortable note, encouraging them to explore more. Such videos may also contain capture forms, asking the user to enter their email addresses, which helps generate more leads and continuity.

A website will always benefit from having an appropriate video, and the reasons below tell you why this is so –

  1. Viewer attention – In today’s fast paced world, visual and sound effects instead of manual reading helps gain a viewers’ attention more effectively.
  2. Credibility –?A video encourages the site users to develop a sense of trust in the company and also helps build a professional image.
  3. Visitor Interest – A video on a website has been proven to make the visitors stay on a website for longer, enabling them to explore in greater detail the products and services being offered.
  4. Increase in the conversions rate?- Most websites that have a video do a better business of selling their goods and services, as it was found in a study that the visitors who viewed product videos were 85% more likely to make a purchase as opposed to the ones who did not watch the video.
  5. Improved personal interaction – A video helps create a better interaction between a business and the clients by providing a more personal insight into the working of a company.
  6. Driving more traffic –?A video helps drive more on-site traffic by improving the search engine optimization of a website, increasing the chances of a website being discovered. A properly optimized video can increase the chances of a front-page Google result by 53 times. A video “going viral” can literally translate into “better sales”.
  7. Retaining Information – Most people retain 50 percent of the things they see, which means that if a customer likes the product or service shown in the video, they will share it, increasing the word-of-mouth advertising. Free video sharing websites offer an excellent source of advertisement.
  8. Movement v/s Stillness – Loads of pictures and flashy animations crammed on to a webpage do two things – they confuse or drive away potential customers and slow down the loading time of the web page, spelling disaster for a business. The same things when played out in a video engage visitors and provide enough information to generate interest.

A video on the website is thus a great way of not only boosting sales, but also gaining popularity. Get recording!

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