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Why India for 3d Animation?

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Why India for 3d Animation?

The Indian animation industry has witnessed a remarkable growth of late with 3d animation films gaining a vast popularity among Indian audiences. Indian film makers have indeed come a long way in terms of creativity and imagination in the field of contemporary film making and this is best reflected through the numerous 3d animation films that are being produced today. This gradual change in the mindset of both movie makers and viewers has lent a completely new dimension to the art of 3d animation film making. No more are animated movies or cartoon films considered as just something for young children. In fact besides entertaining the audiences, the 3d animation companies in India have started making films on varied topics and themes including those for educational, instructional or promotional purposes. This in turn, has helped the 3d animation in India to reach out to a larger and more mature audience throughout the country.

Animation basically consists of creating continuously moving pictures on screen by using certain software or tools. The 3d animation is more advanced than the traditional animation form and requires an integration of a number or techniques like simulation, geometric configurations , modeling, compositing, rendering and adding special effects so as to successfully create a 3d character or object and bring it to life on screen.  With technology getting more advanced by the day, India is rapidly becoming the hub for budding animators and developers which have served as a boon to the video production services in India.  The field of 3d animation has grown immensely in scope and now extends to broader fields like gaming and multimedia besides animation films. This has transformed 3d animation into something more interesting and innovative especially with a lot of cool games and multimedia content being created for PCs, laptops, smart phones and gaming platforms. Even as every video production company in India is growing at an explosive pace, it is constantly facing the challenge for generating trained and professional animators for handling both national and international projects. For developing low cost 3d animation in India many Indian animation studios are relying on the outsourcing services which are useful for cutting down on costs and sticking to a given budget.

Armaan Productions is a venture that believes in delivering quality video production services in India. Their ability to render high quality services to clients at low costs makes them one of the best in the industry.

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