Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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Armaan Productions a video production company in India is a name to reckon with. Armaan Productions provides all kinds of video production services in India. If you need videos which go beyond the boundaries, are fresh and groundbreaking your search ends here. From the beginning to the end we hold your hand and help translate your company’s vision into a video that is bespoke of the company ethos. At Armaan we house a pool of aspiring and established talent. If you want your thoughts to “come alive” on screen let us partner with you in making your brand a splashing success from the stage of video production to its roll out to the target audience.

Armaan is a holistic production house in India with services such as full video production, camera crews, studio hire, lighting design, editing services, special effects, animations, 3D, motion graphics, Voice Over, music selection and mixing and stock footage.

The three fold video production process begins with Pre production. We have a library of cutting edge films, documentaries, musicals which would rival any video production house in India. Pre production involves determining a budget, scratching a story idea, developing it and custom designing it to your product and the market segment your brand appeals to. Once you approve of the concept then the experts at Armaan our brainstorm together to create a storyboard worthy of your product, they finalize casting and work on scheduling etc.

video-production-company-in-indiaThe next phase is Production. No doubt a video production company should have creative people but a technically strong crew works well and is the ideal requirement for the production process. The number of days of filming, locations:  in studio or exotic all is dependent on the budget you decide. We specialize in delivering cost- effective media content to both the corporate and broadcast markets. We cover all aspects of high definition video, content, TV, broadcast, animation, motion graphics and are capable of delivering them in any desired format. Our price quotation is unrivaled amongst all production houses in India. In comparison with the world India offers a competitive price advantage in video production services due to varied geographical topographies, ready availability of picturesque locations, multi ethnicity of people and a pool of talent.

Post production: Most Post production companies charge per hour for the services rendered in polishing the rushes or the first cut of a video production, we give a complete comprehensive solution for the ‘facelift’ of final rushes as well, all under one roof. We are house to an army of motion graphics experts, which gives us the liberty to devise ingenious, innovative ideas to give your audience a picture of a product they simply can’t do without. Our production suites are furnished with new age software that would make the magic of the video come alive. We use cutting edge technology in editing, motion graphics, 3D modeling, matte painting, or live action integration. We are equipped with the latest audio and video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe after Effects. We ensure clarity in every frame shot, after the editor’ s  cut or the  rough cut; a rough sequence of your video/product is sent to you for your review and for the changes you want us make to the video. After your approval a final sequence is rendered and delivered to you so you can enthrall the audience. From conceptualization to execution we bring out the fresh perspectives and unparalleled finesse to every project undertaken. We offer broadcast quality video productions, HD video productions; our state of the art equipment and technical support delivers the advantage your business needs.

Contact us today to know more about the best production house in India, the facilities we offer, our equipment and talent. In Indian video production companies we nurture dreams at dream prices.

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