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Content is the king, whether it is written or visual. However it has been found that a visual display in the form of a picture or a video conveys the message quicker and hence has the ability to capture the attention of audience. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are taking advantage of uploading video to YouTube or Vimeo

Today there are many online video marketing platforms where you can upload your video; however one needs to understand which platform would reap them with maximum benefits. Out of the many there are specifically 2 video platforms which are most used by online marketers, namely YouTube or Vimeo.

Both YouTube and Vimeo have their set of advantages as well as disadvantages, it’s a good idea to evaluate which video platform suits your business and then make a wise choice.

Following are some of the pros and cons of both YouTube and Vimeo

Advantages of using YouTube

  • The statistics says it all, it has more than 1 billion views a month
  • It is already optimised for search engines
  • Since it is a part of Google therefore commands brand loyalty
  • The user can leave comments which channelizes better communication
  • Videos can be followed with the help of following button
  • YouTube can be used free of cost as there is no charge for hosting and bandwidth
  • The user can monetise by uploading videos to YouTube

Disadvantages of using YouTube

  • Sometimes competitors benefit from your videos through their ads which may be posted alongside your video.
  • There is lesser control over content which is uploaded
  • The lack of moderation in comment section may invite inappropriate content.
  • Video may sometimes effect the actual traffic to visit your website
  • YouTube videos can be blocked by few organisations hence it does not lead to 100% penetration

Advantages of using of Vimeo

  • Since there are no advertisement hence it provides unrestricted viewing for the audience
  • Video quality is somewhat better as compared to YouTube
  • Customization of logo, colour and sound is easier
  • Vimeo provides a deeper analytics
  • Promotes marketing and promotion of your website as you can use your own domain name,

Disadvantages of using Vimeo

  • Lack of popularity
  • It charges a fees in case of business
  • There is nothing called unlimited storage
  • It’s not very popular with search engines especially Google

After having a look at both pros and cons of both the video sharing platform it is quite evident that Vimeo as compared to YouTube is an underdog, even after having some salient features such as better video quality. There are businesses which does favour Vimeo and upload video to Vimeo as it helps in using their own domain name, for which it charges a fees, however with few of these features, Vimeo still does not prove to capture the market share. Due to other striking features which YouTube have, it’s definitely, is a clear winner.

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