Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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TV Commercial Production in India  is one of the fastest growing industries.  A TV commercial has the power to make any product an instant hit as people spend almost 15 hours out 24 watching the idiot box.

TV ad production in India has a much wider scope than print advertisements as  TV ads are interactive and have the capacity to draw more eyeballs. TV advertisements have the capacity to address thousands of people located at different places across the city or country at the same point of time.


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Video description: This is one of the finest TV commercials produced by Armaan Productions for Ronix UK Limited for one of their products Token Washing Powder.


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Video description: This is one of the best TV commercials produced by Armaan Productions for Live Pub Hub.


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Video description: Armaan Productions has produced this commercial video for Sethi Jewellers for their product Vishwas Gemstones. Our client used this commercial in DT cinemas Chandigarh, India.

Armaan Productions is one such medium to reach the target audience with the aid of visual language. It is the best place to tailor the most desirable TV advertisement.

Armaan Productions is a gateway and a solution  to video ad production in India.  It is a Production House that provides  its clients with a suitable video ad for their company/organization.

Being amongst the best video production companies in India , Armaan Productions seeks to provide comparatively low cost of video ad in India.


Pre-production phase lays the solid foundation for any audio or visual production.  Armaan Productions values time of its clients so for each advertisement project  it follows the most appropriate strategy.  From the inception of the idea, to refining  the script and discussing minutely over the project to its implementation, Armaan Productions strives to give the best quality advertisement to its clients; and this makes it remarkably different in the field of commercial video production in India.

The creative and experienced pre-production team (TV advertisements) at Armaan Productions assists all its clients  in –




Production Planning


Location Scouting


Armaan Productions  with its unique video production services in India, and  skilled as well as proficient  cinematographers and directors, captures every written word of the script with the help of HD professional video cameras and latest audio capturing techniques, along with creative lighting set up. The focus here is not just on completing the project in a short span of time but also on delivering the best quality finished product to the clients.

In the video ad production process, the following services are provided  –




Video Equipment

Cast and Crew

Post Production

Post production process includes video editing, sound editing, voice over and authoring.

To give the clients the  desired results for their TV Commercials the team of veteran video and sound editors use latest software like Final Cut pro, Soundtrack Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects for audio and video editing. The  technically strong post production process makes it comfortable for the entire team to work 24×7 for each project.

Armaan Productions provides the following post production services for the projects  –

Non linear Video Editing

Sound Editing

Voice Over



Armaan Productions is a renowned and well established video production company in Canada which aims at customer satisfaction by offering them the best ever possible product. Strengthening relations with clients is the motto of Armaan Productions.

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