Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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Pre-Production is the most important aspect of producing your businesses next jaw-dropping video. With our years of experience in this field, our pre-production services in Canada perceives exactly what will be required. We will rigorously plan every feature of your video at the same time providing complete transparency by maintaining perpetual communication. This guarantees accuracy throughout production while securing affordability to our clients. All you will need to get started is a basic idea of what your business needs the video to be. We will take that idea and direct it down the avenue of success. Shaping your concepts into a thriving reality.


Just like our in-depth approach to the pre-production process our video production services in Canada thoroughly and fully handles production. From choosing the right director, to cinematography, to selecting the appropriate cast and crew, we consider wholly every necessary detail. The process of creating a video production is much like building anything. From laying the foundation, to inputting a strong framing, to ensuring the project is properly funded from start to finish. We carefully examine every angle such as choice of lighting, camera shooting, as well as the correct equipment needed. By taking all facets into consideration meticulously we can mold the video production to overtake your expectations.


We steer Post-production of your video to an accurate, timely final completion. Our post-production services in Canada painstakingly review all aspects obtained in the planning and production steps of developing your video. The post-production process includes analyzing all visual footage obtained and editing sound to optimize audible delivery. Along with these key components, we also employ voice overs and authoring to provide you with a perfected finished product. We take the initiative to carefully review and maneuver every aspect of your video. Deliberately fine-tuning this video production to best represent you and your business.

Explainer Videos

If you are looking to show off your business, our explainer video production in Canada is perfect for you. This method allows you to deliver your business’s message in a way that is easily digested by your customers. An explainer video is a short but sweet representation of your products and services in a clickable video format. This method is optimal for online marketing as you can easily present your video in multiple ways across the internet. Explainer videos are great to have on your main website, quickly and efficiently showing what your company has to offer. These are extremely compatible with social media as well as they are easily shareable online. Get started with us today and we will create the best way to advertise your business online using an explainer video.

Documentary Film Production

Documentary films are one of the most impactful ways to display crucial information to the public. Work with our documentary film production in Canada and we will create your vision through this form of interpretive film. Documentary film production has been described as a “creative interpretation of reality”. We believe this type of film can represent that and so much more. If you are looking to document an event or your business, there is no better method to communicate your message rather than through film. But a film is only as good as it’s producers. Our years of experience and thorough skills in this field make our production company a great choice for you. Give us the opportunity to accurately convey your intent through a meaningful documentary film.

Corporate Film Production

When it comes to business, it’s all about professionalism and conveying your business’s message with authority. Our Corporate Film Production in Canada can turn your aspirations for a precise, directive film for your corporation into reality. A corporate film allows you to deliver your business’s message throughout your company as well as to potential clients. This method is effective in displaying your ambitions in a way that is both impactful and commending. Our Production Company has a variety of video forms including testimonials, interview based, training, corporate event coverage and many more. Whatever it is your company is striving to convey, our production services will get that message across.

T.V. Commercials

T.V. Commercials have proven again and again to have an incredible impact on their audiences. Our T.V. Commercial production in Canada has a large record of creating enticing advertisements of this kind. Whether you are advertising locally or across the world, this form of video advertising allows your business to reach thousands. This is because so many people around the world spend much of their time watching television programs. T.V. commercials are so successful as they met your businesses intended audience right in their homes. This is a wonderful way to introduce the products and services your company offers in a comfortable yet inviting way. Our T.V. Commercial production company is your one stop shop for creating advertisements from pre to post production. We cover all the bases to ensure your business’s commercial grabs attention and inspires your customer’s interest.

Promotional Videos

Our promotional video production in Canada will imagine a flawless promotional video to take your business to the next level. We specialize in creating videos both animated and live action, providing them to many businesses around the world. With our years of experience as well as highly skilled, competent staff, we are capable of “imagining your imagination” and turning that into video reality. Promotional videos are the best way to promote your business and speak to your audience. Videos are such a powerful form of communication. This is because videos allow you to talk to your customers as if you were speaking to them directly. Let us develop that direct line for your business to speak straight to your target audience.

Music Videos

We can take your audible art and further enhance its reach visually through our music video production in Canada. Videos allow the delivery of music’s message not just with your entertaining audio but also through compelling visual video design. Many people hear the next best song and immediately search the internet for the matching video to accompany it. Videos bring the meaning of the lyrics to reality and provide the viewer with the full experience of your creation. Whether new talent or well established, our affordable video productions can create an awe-inspiring video representation for your music. Make your dream a reality, all you need to do is enlist our help. After that, our skilled music video production company will handle the rest.

Educational Videos

Many people cannot simply pick up a book and understand all that it contains. That's where our educational video production in Canada comes in handy to develop knowledgeable, educational video content for you. Some people learn much more fluidly through video depiction of information. Videos don’t just aid visual learners; they also assist in educating people keen to audible learning as well. Though there are many different forms of learning, educational videos also work wonders with children. Videos tend to hold kids' attention for a longer period of time as compared to traditional books. Regardless of who is receiving the education, videos are the best form to deliver that information thoroughly and precisely. Work with our Educational Video Production company to ensure the viewer fully understands the information you have to provide them.

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