Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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At Armaan Productions, we offer all the production services right from the pre-production to the post production phase. In the production phase, we shoot all the raw elements for the final and accomplished film or video. We shoot footage, record sounds, create graphics etc. for the final phase. Below are some of the important services we provide to our customers during video production.


script4When every bit of pre-production is ready, lighting, crew, and actors are ready for the take, it is the director who gives instructions for “Acton!” Yes, direction of a movie involves ideal combination of right action, right click and right timing. A music video director steers the whole production and the response of the audience largely depends on the direction of the movie.  A good director knows not only all the directorial techniques but also a good judge of talents and moods required for the scenes.

We have directed many successful stories in the film making whether it is corporate video direction or TV advertisements direction, documentary films direction or music video direction. Our Video directors have all the technical know-how of direction and are well experience in field direction. They are so well versed that they can make your video making project run smooth. Different video productions need different format of direction and our direction staff can help you decide that too.

We and our clients always work as a team so that optimum quality of outcome may result. Our direction staff is highly competent and cooperative and can easily shoot for 12 to 14 hours. If you have readymade script, want to contact us only for production phase, we are ready to work with you.


cinematography1According to Wikipedia, Cinematography is making of lighting and camera choices when recording photography images for cinema. It is more like still photography. A cinematographer is a photographer who does this job with motion picture camera. There are thousands of film schools that teach cinematography. But right choice of lighting and use of camera comes only with experience. It is not only the use of camera and lights and other tools for image recording but it is much more than that. Cinematographer has to make many decisions regarding the combination of cinematography tools to make images look attractive and impressive.

In this history of Motion Pictures, the role of cinematographer is immense. A good cinematographer has to be very innovative and genuine because if a film succeeds, it is much due to his efforts in still photography and graphics. Giving a real touch to a fiction is the work of a good cinematographer.  He knows how to make use of natural lights and also create natural lights with artificial lighting equipments.

We are very careful in recruiting cinematographers. Our experienced staff of cinematographers is known for creating genuine atmosphere in the film production. From the right focus of the camera to the final shoot, they are capable of creating an excellent impression on our clients. That is the reason why most of our previous customers come to us only.

We are experts in digital cinematography and videography. We know how to control and represent an audience’s point of view just by moving a professional camera. If you want to give special effects to your videos, then you can meet us any working day. We will serve you with our best skills.


lighting3Lighting sets the mood of the film. It gives aesthetic effects to a film. Lighting master has to depend upon the various artificial and natural lighting sources.  It can enhance or spoil the beauty of the performance.

Proper lighting can be achieved by various equipments like headlamps, soft lights, Light emitting diodes, etc. Here at Armaan Productions every kind of lighting equipment is available for you, like Cool fluorescent lights, soft lights, spotlights along with the lighting accessories like gels, diffusures and reflectors (indoor and outdoor).

It is extremely difficult task to master lighting techniques. But relax! If you are concerned about this problem, you can meet us for lighting services like studio lights, video lights, indoor lights and outdoor lights. We have the complete lighting equipment to set the mood and take your film to an aesthetic level. The low cost of our production services makes us unique and different than other video production companies. Armaan Productions can provide you full creative and basic lighting set up at an affordable cost. If you don’t need full production services but just lighting equipment then we are here to provide you latest lighting set up.

Cast and Crew

cast-and-crew1The major problem – if ever a director or video production companies faced is – the cast and crew for a film. One can easily handle equipment but knowing and handling a hidden talent in a man can be very tricky. One can make a choice between two brands but choosing between two very talented persons has given even the best a challenge.

If you confused regarding cast and crew services, then we completely understand. We know that in the market, an experienced professional is usually expensive and a fresher is usually immature and untrustworthy. But you don’t have to worry, contact us immediately. We can provide professional male female models, anchors and dance groups.

Along with providing audio and video services, we can solve your problems related to the cast and crew as well. For us, our customer satisfaction is more important. We hire professionals from time to time and we can provide cast services on demand. Yes, again don’t worry! We charge very reasonably. Our experienced and affordable team can help you finish your project on time, that too with an ease.


equipment2A good company always is known by its good products. That’s the reason, Armaan Productions has made niche in the audio and video production services market. Like our other services, our equipments have never failed to satisfy our clients. You can hire video conferencing equipment, digital camera, camcorder, HD camera, audio video equipments etc.

We always deliver the best of ourselves. So do our equipments. You can trust us in all regards. Because we understand, your time is very precious whether you are a film production company or audio recording company or an individual. The equipment use is latest in the market. The use of high quality cameras for the production process and high end video editing software for the post production process make use unique and different than other video production companies. If you want to hire equipment then you will really feel the price difference in comparison with other visual production companies.

If you want to work with a genuine production company, then visit Armaan Productions. We wish you the best.

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