Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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Armaan Productions is a leading production house in India. A Production house that caters to development of a media production is initiated with the development of a specific project, and a script scratched by the screen writers. The production then enters the pre production phase, the cast is finalized, crew is decided upon, shooting location is finalized, if needed then a set is built after getting the requisite permits and ensuring security filming begins. After this, begins the post production phase which may be outsourced to a post production company or a few companies, which may have an in house post production unit. The process of post production includes the editing, musical score, visual effects, re-recording of the dialog, and sound effects. All these elements are “mixed” to create the final film, which is then screened at the final screening by the production house for its client.

 video-shoot-indiavideo-ad-shooting-indiaArmaan Productions is a multi faceted film and video production house in India. Our production team develops award-winning concepts for television, commercial, corporate, viral, and promotional video. We are a holistic video production house in India and we shooting-in-chandigarhoffer a wide range of video production services in India for all industries. We have an exciting creative process. One of our producers is assigned to your project from the beginning who stays dedicated and makes sure that the video production services stand out. As a systematic video production house in India, first we start with a concept; we brainstorm and develop ideas that are solely designed for your business and market. We work in a unique way by allowing the client to choose which concept or combination of concepts are suitable to the product and image. Thereafter a script is finalized. Our team also wraps up the rest of the pre-production process including casting, storyboards, scheduling, and budgeting.

Based on your budget, we film on selected location, or in our studio . Our production experts use the best equipments and technology for each production, whether it is 35 MM film, the RED Camera or DSLR. In this production house in India, you would feel how differently things work here from other production houses , so we provide a range of tools to achieve the right look and mood.

Lastly, we begin post production. Whether it is basic editing, , 3D modelling, live action integration or motion graphics we can create the magic. At Armaans we have best-in- market designers, and creative writers who deliver the best production of a national TV spot, a music video, or a video for sales and marketing, public relations, training, and internal communications, we satisfy all.

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