Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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During pre-production phase of film making, each and every element is properly designed and planned, Script is made ready, Financing is confirmed, Scenes are finalized, Location scouting is done etc. Below are some of the pre-production services we offer to our customers:


idea1Alexander Pope once wrote “what oft was thought but ne’er so well expressed”. At Armaan Productions, we don’t buy this statement. We believe in scaling and imaging the imagination of our clients and giving a real and true shape to their ideas. Our talents help our video and audio clients with original ideas that can bring a revolution in their lives. Our ideas sell like hot cakes and become the rage in the market.  We don’t do all this with any magic, however, our hard work, vigorous training and long years of experience has given our hands a magical touch.

We constantly remain in touch with the changing scenarios. We are fully aware of this fact that it is difficult to maintain the attention of the audience for a long time without bringing a new interesting change. Therefore, we keep on looking for things that catch attention of the masses.

It doesn’t matter whether one wants to make a TV commercial, corporate film, documentary film, educational video or any other type of production; at first one needs an idea. It is a foundation for any audio or video. It is this idea that can make your product a super hit or a super flop. Therefore, why messy about idea?? Come to us and discuss ideas for video and audio. We will provide you brilliant ideas and concepts that can actually change your fortune for good. We will provide you technical and creative support to shape your ideas and give them proper direction.


script4It is not an easy task to visualize the images into words, but if you want to convey your message through visuals in an effective and powerful way, then, there should be a great script as the backbone of the production. But why Armaan Productions for pre production phase when there are lot many video production companies? We give you the reasons:

Low Budget – The biggest advantage for considering us for the pre-production phase is that we can provide you attractive ideas, well-written scripts at an affordable price because we think that idea is money and if you get a great idea to attract the audience and a well-written script to organize your production process at an affordable cost, it means, half of the battle is won by you.

Unique Ideas and Attractive Script – To generate attractive ideas, observation is the key thing one should master in. But, the art to convert that observation into an attractive script comes only with experience. So to provide you great ideas we have experienced and observational team.

Accuracy – We understand the value of time, that’s why, we are accurate in our work to complete your project as early as possible. Our creative team of script writers work 24×7 to complete the pre-production phase. Actually, another reason behind being accurate is that we want to show you the final product for which you gave us the opportunity to provide you the best possible audio or visual production.

There are so many other reasons to show trust in us for the pre production phase especially for script writing like proper script format, unique ideas according to the target audience and well written and detailed scripts. Here at Armaan Productions, we have creative script writers who are highly competent in writing for TV commercials, audio commercials, and detailed scripts for corporate and documentary films.


budget3Up to now, you might have made many overtures to the video production companies and you would have noticed that they take huge amounts of money to do work. There are few companies that actually charge reasonable. Our video production company in Canada is one among those companies that charge less but give optimum quality of production. We understand the needs of our clients; it is therefore, our clients trust and never worry unduly about the budget of the video and audio Production.

For us and we believe, also for you, Budget is the most important part of the whole production process and so it should be discussed and finalized prior to the start of any audio-visual production because you are the one who is directly concerned with it as you will be investing your money in that respective production. So we understand the importance of budgeting in any kind of audio visual production and we can assist you regarding the same.

We have observed that many talents go waste because of budget of the video. But, we bet, if one has a brilliant idea and script, one can come up with a high quality video even in low budget. Yes, feel encouraged. We are a low budget video production company. Meet us once. Discuss your project with us. We will assist you in every possible way to make your time work for you.

Production Planning 

production-planningOnly those businesses soar in the sky, which are made on proper planning. Video production planning needs hours of meticulous labor and putting everything on its planned place. If one wants to run a successful business, then, surely, one has to chalk out a plan of production, its cost and then profits. Production-Planning is Important.  At Armaan productions, we and our clients work more closely during this process to save last minute mess.

There are many video production companies that claim high results; nonetheless they keep their clients in dark about the techniques used and services incurred. But at Armaan productions, everything is transparent. Therefore, you don’t have to think twice in contacting us.

When it comes to Production planning, we keep each and everything in mind whether it is a shot list or a shooting script. Our planning services are extremely helpful to plan out everything, right from the pre-production to the post-production. You can plan out production schedules, scenes for the actors, lightening crew etc.

We assist our clients in meeting their objectives on time so that they get maximum profits at minimum cost. Our optimum customer services have proved beneficial to the clients from time to time. We prepare Production planning and meet the required target within the limited time and money.

Armaan Productions is a multi-faceted video production company that has brought new hope for those who are tired of visiting video production companies that cost dearly.

Location Scouting 

location-scouting1Location scouting is a very important part of pre-production process in video making. Once our scriptwriters decide about the general requirement of scenery for shooting a particular scene outdoor, our location scouts begin hunting for the suitable places for the same. We get legal permission for the shooting of film in a particular place. If you have a readymade script and want location scouting services, then come to us. We will give details of very interesting places where you can shoot your film or video.

In location scouting process of video pre- production, we keep many things in mind like the overall aesthetics of the location, parking and lodging availability for the crew, electricity supply, weather conditions, etc. Once we are satisfied with these things, our location manager gives a short list of suitable places for the shooting of the scene.

Location scouting is quite challenging. We know, locations sometimes have to be changed just suddenly. But our staff works hard and can do multi-tasking. They can even work at odd hours. Whether it is feature film and short film, and television shows, documentary films, television commercials, corporate video, advertising photography, editorial photography and even event planning, we can employ location scouts to find and photograph places for your video production.

At Armaan Productions, we deliver the best video production services in Canada. Then, why hesitating? Contact us for your new venture into film making. We will make your film making career a sweet reality.

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