Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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Whether it is audio recording, any radio or television program, making of digital art or motion picture, Post Production includes all stages after actual shooting and recording of scenes. It includes video editing, sound editing, voice over and authoring. Below are the details of each and every aspect of these services we offer to our customers.

Video Editing

Video EditingVideo Editing requires the technical expertise and we are proud to say that we are one of few video production companies that give the best in video editing. In this stage of post production, our video editors assemble all the segments of the motion picture to give continuity to the plot of the video.  As far as special effects are concerned, Armaan Productions has earned a reputation the market.

We use the latest software techniques like final cut pro, latest version of adobe premiere pro and after effects to achieve the target in video production. We have fully equipped edit suites for the post production process.  That makes our customers choose us over any other video production company.

Video editing process needs lot of rearrangement, deleting and sometimes manipulation like color correction, titling, changing the mood and pace of footage etc. of the shots to achieve the desired flow of the story. All this is done to provide the video a particular view point and angle.  Armaan Productions has worked with many directors. To their satisfaction and of course, our satisfaction too, we have always earned “well done” from them.

If you want profession video editing, then you need not go anywhere, just contact us. We are professional video production company. Moreover, we are reasonable and just within your reach. So don’t hesitate to discuss your post production aim with us. We are with you at every step.

Sound Editing

Sound EditingSound editing is the most important stage in post production of any Television, video, audio and games making. A little mistake or noise here and there can spoil the whole audio or video. But never mind, you are safe with us. We give the best effect to your audios and videos. Our sound engineers have proved their worth in the editing

We have fully equipped audio studios and experienced sound editors for the recording and editing of music videos or any kind of sound editing whether it is Adobe soundbooth, Nuendo, Sony Vegas, or sound forge.

The best thing about our services is that we can provide customized packages for sound editing, which enable our customers use the effects according their own desire. You can contact us for the recording or editing of your music videos, editing of simple speech or conference speech, radio plays and voice over.

You can also contact us to give contextual, descriptive and commentative sound effects to your audio. Our sound editing engineers are very well versed with the techniques and have many years of experience at their back. They have completed numerous assignments on time.

Voice Over

Voice OverVoice over is a production technique whereby off camera commentary is provided by a voice. These are integral part of programmes on radio, sometimes TV shows and films as well. Our specialist voice actors have earned a good name in this regard, whether it is a film or a television report.
Voice over can be provided as creative devices in TV and radio but also as translation devices. Our voice artists do their best to match the original voice and maintain the intonation in the audio and video. We have all the ultra-modern sound equipment’s to give our best in voice over.

Whether you want to use voice over as a creative device or character device an educational device, we provide you sound artists who have done wonders in getting high ratings for the videos and audios. We also provide our voice-over services for language localization.

Now the question is why select us when there are lot many voice talents in the market. But the answer to it is, we are among the best, but we are not among the costliest. We charge reasonably.  Our clients range from corporate companies to media agencies. We assure quality voice to our customers and rest our results speak for us.


AuthoringAuthor includes DVD authoring, which means making DVD videos. If you have raw footage and want authors to make DVD videos then you can contact us. We understand that each customer has his own needs; therefore, we don’t make standard packages. We charge you according to you custom needs.

We edit your videos and offer our various services to author DVDs. We use the latest state-of- art techniques and software to manufacture the best of DVDs videos. With our services, our clients get strong presence in the market.  Latest techniques coupled with our team creativity have always brought profits to our customers. So why wasting time, immediately contact us for your media solutions. We will assure your instant name and fame.

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