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WiFi Network Services in Australia – Animated Video

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Storyboard  for Jellyfish Networks Video

Script for Jellyfish Networks Video

Are you considering offering free Wi-Fi to your customers? … perhaps to attract the new ones and keep the existing ones, or simply because you want to keep up with your competitors

But what you are really concerned about is having to change the password regularly, or how to keep your systems separate, worried about the performance, or just wondering what would you get in return?

Well the answer is Jellyfish Networks and their social Wi-Fi powered hotspots.

Now with Jellyfish Networks your customers get free Wi-Fi with just a few clicks through their favorite social media account on your custom branded splash page.

Whether you are a restaurant, a bar, a sports venue, or a beauty salon, you will enjoy a growing number of customers connecting at their leisure, along with the confidence that it is secure and they aren’t using it for inappropriate content.

But the real benefit of using Jellyfish networks is amplifying your social media presence; as in within minutes of customers connecting, you can access the Jellyfish dashboard and get their details, email address, etc., monitor your likes & check-ins, integrate with Mail Chimp or your own CRM app.

And of course, Jellyfish Networks supports any performance concerns you may have.

Because we do believe that free Wi-Fi is now a vital tool to your marketing tool-belt that opens up endless avenues of social media marketing.

So, with Jellyfish Networks amplify your business and maintain your customer base with a new way of offering free Wi-Fi.

Try our free trial today!

For more details, visit jellyfishnetworks.com.au

WiFi Network Services in Australia – Animated Video

Daniel had already one video on his official website but that was a video with text and music in it. Daniel was searching for a video production company in Canada which can make an engaging animated video for his wi fi hotspot services. Daniel ended his search at Armaan Productions.

He liked our quotation to make this video. After his approval on the script written by us we started working on his brand new animated video for his brilliant services. He liked our script writing skills, he liked voice over we provided for his video and he appreciated the style of animation we chose for his online video.


It was a ice experiencing working with Armaan Productions team. I am planning to get more videos for my other services.

Daniel, Jellyfish Networks.

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