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Animated Web Video – Teaxing, Italy

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Animated Web Video – Teaxing, Italy

Teaxing is a social learning network and when Filippo Dalbagno approached us to make an animated web video for Teaxing we were very happy with the services they were going to provide with the help of their website.

When Filippo and his team approached Armaan Productions, at that time their website was not ready. Teaxing team made a brilliant effort and wrote the script and recorded the voice over at their own. After getting the voice over we started working on this engaging video and we submitted first draft within 4 days. After a review Teaxing team wanted few changes and after making those changes we submitted final version of the video within one week in total.

Teaxing team liked our work and turnaround time and they released this video in three different languages, English, Spanish and Italian.


“Our company used Armaan Productions for their web video production services. We choose them after we saw their videos on their YourTube page. We agreed on a good price and we started working right away. We were satisfied with their work and I was impressed by their speed, taste and above everything their patience with our several requests for changes. I therefore consider Armaan Productions a good and professional video production company in Canada and I’ll definitely recommend them.”

Filippo Dalbagno, B.Sc, M.B.A. Chief Marketing Officer, teaXing Ltd – Italy


October 14, 2016


Animation, Videos


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