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Animated Web Video – Plus Binary, Spain

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Animated Web Video – Plus Binary, Spain

On June 18, 2014 Alberto Fernandez Doce made a search on the internet for video production company in Canada we received a request from him to make an interesting animated web video for his website www.plusbinary.com. Alberto was very happy with the quote Armaan Productions gave him for making this video. After few important discussions we started working for this video and you can watch this best animated web video as a result of the hard work done by dedicated team of animators of Armaan Productions.

Alberto was very sure about what he wants to show in his video. By observing the rough details sent by him our script writer Anshuman Gupta wrote a brilliant script for this video. Alberto liked our script and gave us a big yes to proceed to the next step which was recording a voice over. After recording voice over for the video, dedicated team of Armaan Productions lead by Gurjeet Singh started working on the animation part.

After giving our best we shared the video with Alberto and he was very happy with our performance and recommended our services to other companies in his concern.


“I have got my video at my price, so, low cost, high quality and quick response is all I want to say about Armaan Productions.”

Alberto Fernandez Doce, Plus Binary


October 14, 2016


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