Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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Our ideas sell like hot cakes and become a rage in the market. We don’t do all this with any magic, however, our hard work, vigorous training and long years of experience have given our hands a magical touch. We constantly remain in touch with the changing scenarios. We are fully aware of this fact that it is difficult to maintain the attention of the audience for a long time without bringing a new interesting change. Therefore, we keep on looking for things that catch attention of the masses.


Armaan Productions is a leading video production company in Canada which provide all kinds of video production services in a pocket friendly budget. Our creative crew has the ability to provide you best video production services. We and our clients always work as a team so that optimum quality of outcome may result. Our direction staff is highly competent and cooperative and can easily shoot for 12 to 14 hours. If you have readymade script, want to contact us only for production phase, we are ready to work with you.


Armaan Productions is one of the few post production companies which provides all the post production services like video editing, VFX, 2d or 3d Animation, Audio Editing and Voice Over under one roof. Video Editing requires the technical expertise and we are proud to say that we are one of few video production companies that give the best in video editing. In this stage of post production, our video editors assemble all the segments of the motion picture to give continuity to the plot of the video. As far as special effects are concerned, Armaan Productions has earned a reputation the market.

TV Commercials

A TV Commercial can make a product an instant hit. Yes, the commercials prepared by our team promise our client that. Armaan Productions team, consisting of cinematographers, video editors and script writers, constantly remains in touch with the latest trends and techniques to make commercials so effective that they not only reach the target audience but also takes the client’s product to a higher level of competition. We also offer our services in conducting research in video and audio production and lacing our clients with new concepts and ideas. At Armaan Productions, a client finds no gap between his expectations and our results.

Corporate Films

Corporate world always hungers after giving the best impression before people and getting the best feedback from its customers. That’s why companies spend millions of dollars on video productions that present their ideal picture. We help our clients present the same before their audience, that too, at cheaper rates. We possess versatile video makers that have done wonders in preparing corporate videos. We minutely study the campuses and showcase the history, work culture and work ideology of the company in a very attractive pageant. We help our clients in fetching more business by giving attention-grabbing touch to the corporate videos.

Documentary Films

Preparing a documentary is an onerous task, because a videographer has to shoot stark reality and present it in a very creative way. It needs vigorous training and many years of experience in cinematography. Perhaps that is the reason why there are a fewer documentary film makers. But don’t worry! At Armaan Productions, you can find some of best documentary writers and shooters. We can facilitate your projects by providing you expert hands that work meticulously and have never failed in getting “well done” as compliment. They are trained to work 24×7 .<br />

Promotional Videos

Are you a person who still believes in pamphlets and other texts for promoting your business? Trust us, with the advent of new techniques, the audience no longer pay attention to these paper promotions. Come to us. We will suggest you better ways to promote your business. We have observed that one should promote through the channel, which is very much in trusted and browsed by the customer. We make promotional videos with utmost care. We care for your business. Moreover, who can offer you the best deals except the Armaan Productions? Therefore, visit our office without making any delay.

Web Videos

These days, visitors give preference to watching videos rather than reading text. All are familiar with this fact that the first ten seconds of a video can be more attractive than first ten sentences of an article. So what are you waiting for? Put a video on your website and divert the traffic towards your site. If you want to make web videos, contact us for web video production services. We help our clients in not only making such videos but also suggest them various ways in which they can make their presence felt in cyber world. We can make web videos in any video format.

Music Videos

Music Video Production in India has reached new heights today. Not only the quality of video but also other elements such as special effects and sound quality too have reached the zenith of their appeal, thus making it an awesome experience for the viewers. Video Production for music in India has much greater scope today as compared to in past, given<br /> that many a young talented people want to exhibit their talent and such videos provide them with a platform for the same. With video production in India spreading it wings of sophistication, the competition too is surging up.

Educational Videos

Gone are the days when education could only be implemented in long hours of dreary classes in a confined room of four walls. Nowadays, a whole new approach to educate and disseminate information is being adopted. We all must be cognizant that human brain retains visual images much better than the ancient, deep-rooted and heavy written text. That is the reason why educating through videos is catching up among numerous influential educational institutions today. Though relatively a new term, but one can’t deny Educational Video Production in India the whopping demand of Educational Video Production in India.

Audio Production

We possess all technical know-how of audio production. There is special arrangement for recording, mixing and producing audios. Our technical Audio Engineers know all the creative and technical aspects of audio production. We are an experienced staff for recording, editing, mixing and mastering sounds and music. You can consider us for all kind of audio production like recording and editing of audio commercials, promos, radio plays, jingles and voice over. We deal with all applications related to sound production like broadcasting, post production for films, advertising and multimedia. For more information, call us to discuss your project.

Audio Commercials

Audio commercials are given a very special treatment at Armaan Productions. If you think your product is worth millions of dollars and wants to advertise it on radio and TV, then, contact us for the best audio commercial production services. Our male and female voice-over artists have the ability to give the required feel to your commercial ads. We make audio commercial that are truly outstanding and result oriented. Our professional sound artists have a long list of success, which has today helped in fetching big projects to us. Our clients range from retailers to media outlets. We customize our services according to the needs and budget of our customers.

Voice Over

Voice over is a production technique whereby off camera commentary is provided by a voice. These are integral part of programmes on radio, sometimes TV shows and films as well. Our specialist voice actors have earned a good name in this regard, whether it is a film or a television report. Voice over can be provided as creative devices in TV and radio but also as translation devices. Our voice artists do their best to match the original voice and maintain the intonation in the audio and video. We have all the ultra-modern sound equipments to give our best in voice over.

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