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Marketing Video Production – Do’s and Don’ts

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Video marketing is a part of an integrated marketing communications plan that was designed with the purpose of increasing audience engagement through a given video. A marketing video company suggests that a successful marketing video requires solid content, distribution strategy and consumer self-expression tools.
There are elaborate do’s and don’ts when it comes to video marketing; according to a product video marketing company, the video is a reflection of the brand it portrays. Some tips to keep in mind when it comes to video marketing are –

PLANNING THE VIDEO FROM START TO FINISH: It is important to plan the kind of video to be made, and the elements it would contain. Tiny details like background music, timing and content can make all the difference to take the video from average to classy. The video should serve a strategic purpose, shed a good light on the brand and be treated like a marketing campaign.

APPROPRIATE BRANDING: The purpose of the video is to help people remember the company, not the video itself. Video making should not be all about a great video, most online video making companies emphasize that a marketing video should communicate the benefits of the business and promote it.

LENGTH OF THE VIDEO: A short, precise and engaging video is all that your viewers need. Anything that doesn’t engage the viewer in the first 10 seconds is pointless and will be of no value. Try following the 60-90 seconds rule followed by an explainer video company in Canada when it comes to the timing of the video.

TOO MUCH INFORMATION: If you add everything to its marketing video, chances are, nobody will watch it till the end and nobody will have a clue of what the marketing was even about! It is necessary to pass on one single message through the video so the viewers have a takeaway.

GIVE THE INFORMATION PEOPLE NEED: If the marketing video is a great hit, with precise content and perfect timing … the viewers can easily be converted into customers. And customers need contact! According to one of the best video production companies in Canada, messages like “Call us!” and “Follow us on our Social Media Outlets” makes it easier for you to gain customers.

USE PROPER SEO KEYWORDS: Getting an audience on the marketing video is obviously the most crucial step of making the video a success. There are techniques and tactics that drive traffic to the video and using strategically placed, correct SEO keywords is a big step forward.

IT IS NOT AN INSTANT SUCCESS: If a video goes viral, it is most likely to fizzle out just as quickly. A good video marketing strategy requires consistency, quality, dedication and patience.

ALWAYS ADDRESS THE TARGET AUDIENCE: This is probably the most important and obvious point. Focusing on a specific, well-defined audience is the key to success.

CHOOSE THE CORRECT VIDEO MARKETING COMPANY: There are marketing video production companies and then there are best marketing video companies. Spending some time researching the various options at hand and then choosing a web video company, which fits the bill, is a huge favor you can do to yourself. Armaan Productions, one of the leading marketing video companies in Canada, offers a tailored approach to suit all your web video related needs.

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