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How a good Video Description on YouTube Matters!

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There are YouTube videos and then there are interesting YouTube videos, just like there are good descriptions of the videos and next-to-no descriptions. The thing is, everybody wants to know what the web video they are watching is about, making a well-worded description an important part of the popularity of the video.

If you are still reading this, then surely you could do with some pointers as to what makes a YouTube description a good one.  Some of the best web video companies suggest that there are 5 important elements that YouTube uses to rank videos; the Title, Description, Tags, Number of views and Rating.

When it comes to the description of the video, it is important to pack a punch in the first few lines itself. Interesting keywords drive more traffic to the web video, giving more hits on the page. The description should be able to explain exactly what is being shown in the video. Make a reason for people to look at the video with attention grabbing language and also by putting a link of the website or any other place in cyber space where you wish to drive the traffic to.

The title of the video would be major factor in grabbing the viewer’s attention. A title that generates curiosity makes people want to see your video. Also, the keywords contained within the description can make or break the Google ranking of the video. Using subject-specific keywords and Google ad words or the primary keywords that are suggested by the same are some tricks of the trade that everyone with a YouTube video should know.

These things make a whole world of differencing terms of increasing the ranking of the video both on YouTube and Google. Bearing in mind the fact that the length of the video is no deterrent on YouTube, an online marketing video company can easily cash upon this by adding the contact information of its business in the description itself.

It takes both likes and dislikes to make a video go viral, but if the viewer likes what he reads (in the description, of course!), it isn’t very hard to up the ante for your competitors.

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