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Still thinking what is an explainer video? Simple, it is a video that explains the full story about anything. How it works: it helps explain your business to your viewers in only 2 minutes or even less and the specialty of an explainer video is that it teaches, trains and sells. Now everyone can have a fully customized high definition video by hiring an explainer video production India. Can you really explain your business to someone in just few seconds, and mind it, the description needs to be simply amazing or no one is going to remember it. Best explainer video company in India work with the concept of having an elevator pitch that has the ability to give your audience a sum up of what exactly your business is all about.

Explainer videos are quick and its main element is to put across the goal line, these animated videos are created to catch the attention of your viewers in a fraction of second. Choosing a reliable low cost explainer videos India can be a little tough but your search ends with Armaan Productions that is renowned to be the best video production company in India. If you have gone through the phase when you tried everything possible to put your business message across to your audiences but nothing worked then all you need is an explainer video. Explainer video production India comes with various other features that work in favor of business like they are comparatively cheaper especially if you choose animation video.

They help solve the purpose of training as well as marketing. An animated explainer video with an effective voice over and rich graphics are so much in rage these days. It is the visual affect that works in the favor and helps the explainer video go viral. Explainer video company in India targets your potential clients which is why it is easy to customize it and work in the context to which it can be related. The retention rate of the business goes up by almost 50 percent, if cartoon and animation were a part of learning process in the childhood then why not use it as a thought for your business, these videos not only promote your products and services but also keep your viewers entertained for which it is ideal to keep it not longer than a minute or two. Adding motion graphics make explainer videos even more exciting, keep the eyeballs of your audiences rolling and that will roll your business profit.

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