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Duration of Your Online Video

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Armaan Productions Duration of Your Online Video

So, you have an idea to put your new business video online, right?

But there is only one primary concern for any online video:

Duration of Your Video

The ideal duration of any business web video, whether it is an animated video or a video with real characters should not exceed 180 seconds and it should not be less than 45 seconds if you are a famous brand or a company.

There are 5 main reasons behind creating a 3 minutes business video.


YouTube, the largest video search engine shows duration of your video to your audiences. And if your audience finds that this is a lengthy video then there are 60% chances that they will skip your video and shift to another one. Vimeo also follows the same technique.

Duration of Your Online Video

The term ‘Call for Action’ stands for your request to your audience to take a quick action about what you are selling or sharing. In 95% of business videos the call for action is always at the end. Sign Up Now! Call Us Now! Visit Our Online Store Now and Get 10% Discount! are some examples of call for action. So in any way, you can’t put your slogan at the starting or in the middle of your video and without a call for action your video is a waste as you will not be able to sell anything.  So, it’s always a nice idea to tell your story within 180 seconds and let your audience take a quick action on it. You can redirect them to your official website or ask them to call you to get your brilliant services or to buy your products.


Duration of Your Online Video

It’s a bit technical! The shorter the video in duration, the lighter it is in size. If you upload a shorter video it will take less time to load or buffer and can start playing quickly. A heavy video may take loads of time to buffer and you can lose 30% of your visitors who might have slow Internet connection. Now say for instance, a video under 200 MB takes around 5 seconds to buffer on video sharing websites or on your personal web video players.


Duration of Your Online Video

As life is too fast these days, people don’t want to devote the required time to watch your lengthy video until or unless you upload a compilation of funny cat videos or best 2016 failures, etc. If you are selling something with the help of your video then, in any way, you have got to make your video shorter and interesting.

Duration of Your Online Video

Few years ago you could easily coax your audience to click on your video by placing a small eye catching video thumbnail on video sharing websites.  But these days, people are aware of this trick and they don’t click on the play button easily because player shows duration of the video on your video thumbnail. So they will only click if they find that this video won’t take much of their time.

So, duration of your online video is the most important aspect and should be taken care of while promoting yourself through a video.

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