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Cost of Web Video in India

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knowing the costs of the things you want to buy before hand is necessary. Cost effective offers will naturally attract more crowd and will sell in large numbers. Video production companies in India offer great service at very reasonable rates. Web videos are the newest trend in the digital marketing field.

Web Videos make a website unique and noticeable. Exclusive web videos set you apart from your competitors and showcase your products and services to more audience.

Studies show that internet users spend only five to seven seconds on a website before deciding to stay or leave!

People no longer read pages of text to know about your business. In such a scenario, Web videos are appealing and have immediate impact. Consider your search engine optimization (SEO) is done if you have a video, because prospective customers stay longer on your site to watch the video.

Before knowing the cost of video let’s see what web videos are!

What Web videos are?

Good question indeed!

Videos are personalized services that are tailor made for individual requirements. You can add all the information you want into the video and it will not take much time or space too. Moreover, having a video will make your website look professional and up to date. Ours is a web video company in India which has web presenters who have extensive commercial broadcasting experience. Our company makes engaging, informative and entertaining videos to increase traffic to your website. Presenting your company in a professional way is now our responsibility.

How much do you need to shed for producing Web Videos in India?

India is modest in terms of pricing and so we believe to not to dig your pockets much!

Video production companies in India offer competitive pricing for the web videos. The basic cost starts from $599 and it can go up to $1300. Motion Graphics will approximately cost $600 and Explainer Videos will cost around $800. Choose the package which suits your requirements the most. Armaan Productions offers a range of corporate video production packages focused on providing your company with the highest quality video at affordable prices.

Our web video company in Mumbai has high standards of filming facilities and a fully equipped studio. We create versatile types of HD videos using the latest technology. Select the duration and matter that you want to add in your video and we will create a beautiful visual feeling that you can add to your website. It is said that videos are four times more effective than the plain texts, images and infographics. When such is the case, do not think twice before contacting an internet video company in India to assist you in building a custom made website video.


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