Video Production Services in Canada is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production with the efforts and endeavors of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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Estimating the cost of video production is tricky but essential, when you buy any equipment let’s assume a camera, you know what you are paying for, the product and its specifications are tangible and for you to see. In case of a video film production the above is not true as each video varies with the product and the idea that the client wants to project. There are myriad ideas, expectations, styles of production that its no cake walk to put a number to the cost of a video ad.  The cost of a video ad at best can be estimated roughly.

After making a decision on the budget that you are willing to spend you need to find a company to realize your idea into a video and we present Armaan Productions. The difference between what is etched into the mind of the viewer and something that makes you desirous and giddy, something that enthralls you is Armaan Productions: the name in cost effective video production services in India; whether you need videos for advertising, broadcasting or corporate video production services in India this is the answer. The road to realizing your dreams, making your presence felt in the corporate environment starts here, a way to stamp the right impression in the mind of your audience. Armaan Productions offers customized solutions to the needs of each client. They help craft your success on the worlds’ canvass; it’s a Pandora’s Box of possibilities and ideas.

Estimating the price of an audio and visual production can be done easily if we have an idea of the series of steps involved, which are:



Post production

Video production costs vary according to the length of the assignment. The pre production involves a plethora of activities: script writing, location hunting, hiring freelancers and making travel arrangements. At times existing footage, graphics or animations may be used to represent an assignment, and then the cost obviously lowers.

Production or the shoot is the filming aspect, the cost variable here is the number of days needed for filming which affects the other cost factors as writer, crew: camera operator, still photographer, audio engineer, gaffer, grip, assistants, casting, make up, stylists, location expenses etc.

Post production work is generally chargeable per hour by all best video production companies in India. The work includes the first and the second edit, 3D animations, motion graphics, recording voice overs, sound editing and encoding for web, creation of subtitles, foreign translations and authoring for DVD delivery.

Different kind of concepts will come with a different price tag, as the idea gets more complex the price variable increases, it’s simple logic a helicopter shot will cost much more than an animated cartoon screaming the slogan. The crucial factor is that the video production company understands your vision and proposal and delivers to your expectations. As the ultimate worth of a video is the emotion it evokes in the mind of the viewer and we guarantee satisfaction to the client and an insatiable need in the audience be it through a smiling teddy urging you to exercise or a sinking ship hinting insurance.

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