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Cost of Motion Graphics in India

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Motion graphics is today one of the most common terms used, especially in the field of graphics and animation. Before knowing the cost of motion graphics in India, one really needs to know what a motion graphics video is all about. Motion graphics are the graphics which use video and animation technology for the creation of the illusionistic motion or transforming appearance of graphics aided with audio for the purpose of being used in multimedia projects.  Armaan Productions, a leading motion graphics video company in India, facilitates a whole new way of interacting with your audience through this medium. It adds extra sheen to your creativeness, giving a whole new dimension to your work.

As a major web video company in India, Armaan Productions has emerged tremendously in the last few years. We use the concept of characters. One of our major advantages is that we boost up the online promotions of your business through the most effective marketing media that are present today as mostly people are online and keen to know what is available and what are the details of any given product. Thus, it helps in influencing the customers a lot in a short span of time. Besides, a motion graphics video has various other benefits such as – it can be used in almost all sectors like entertainment, gaming, training, educational etc. It’s a quick way of gaining attention and so on. The Cost of animation in India, generally, starts from a few thousands for the simplest of animation and can go up to crores of rupees.

Armaan Productions - Cost of Motion Graphics in India

Web video production services in India have also witnessed a significant rise when it comes to marketing and promotional media. Today, most of the companies have found online videos as good advertising method. There are numerous sites that are updated almost in seconds with videos. It is the most cost effective and trendy method of online marketing these days.  Internet video sharing websites likes YouTube, Vimeo etc have gained worldwide attention because of their capability of uploading videos and broadcasting them to the world. This kind of exposure helps a company in creating a niche that it needs for growing in the current competitive globalized market. The significant improvement in the technologies has given companies the needed opportunity and scope. These options have also reduced the cost of marketing; there are many free video hosting sites today that are present like daily motion, YouTube, bliptv, vzaar, college humour etc. The internet video marketing is also known as ‘the wonder drug’,  especially, for the small businesses as the hosting costs are minimal.  These websites allow viewers to watch videos seamlessly without having any need for downloading the video or using any other supporting software.

If you are new to the market and really want your presence to be felt and want to boost up your sales within a short span of time, then a motion graphics based video seems to be the best economical marketing tool that you can opt for your online promotional strategies.

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