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5 Reasons You Need an Animated Video for Your Business

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Marketing is cost efficient and easy nowadays. Posting strategic content on the right social media platform and working a paid ad on the search engine is now a viable choice for both small and large businesses. However, one must be careful that even with such wonderful options for marketing the brand and increasing your profit, there are still many opportunities in your marketing strategy, which you must explore. One of those opportunities might be in the realm of animated web videos.

What is an animated video?

An animated video is not a live action – they do not normally have actors, stages, and sets. It is not a screencast. In fact, animated videos do not normally concentrate on computer screens. In some ways, they exist in a purely fictional world, which is made by the producer or the animator. They use illustrated symbols and representations of the world to tell stories.

Here are the reasons why your business needs an animated video for your business:

  1. Gain Interest

Animation video is excellent at grabbing the attention of the audience and telling your business to prospect customers. The reasons why animation video companies gain so much interest is that they are fun and they tell the story of your business in a simple and interesting way.

  1. To Engage People on Your Website

A large bounce rate on your site tells that people are clicking on the site and leaving faster without doing anything. Websites, which have used the services of a video production company can make you look like a professional in your field, thus helping people decide to work business with you.

  1. Boost Your SEO

It is essential to get your business on the first page of Google. The best way to increase your SEO is to get an animated video from video production services. Did you know that statistic found that those businesses with an animated video are many times more likely to get on Google’s first page? Further, YouTube is the second biggest search engine, so ensure you put your animated video there too.

  1. Tell Abstract Ideas and Concepts

When you have an idea, which is abstract or too complicated for most people to comprehend, these animated videos could help you get your idea and point across. It can be easier to express than tell when we talk about the abstract and complex idea. Animated videos can bring all your ideas to life.

  1. Make a Sale

Studies show that 50 to 85% of customers tend to make a purchase from a company when they see videos about the company or business. Oftentimes, customers get bored reading long advertising and messages. Meanwhile, the duration of your online video breaks up the monotony of old and boring advertisers and brings some fun that customers really enjoy.

No matter what your business is, an animated video is one of the innovative investments you will ever make. So, what are you waiting for now? Sit down and imagine how your message could become truly animated.

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