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The Crazy World of Music Videos

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A guest post by Digifish for Armaan Productions.

Music videos have the power to turn a good track into a great one, and some songs are inseparable from their promos due to the quality of the clips. The nature of a music video can vary greatly from artist to artist and genre to genre, and some artists have seen great music videos set them on the path to a glittering career. The singer Lana Del Rey rose to prominence when her hypnotic, self-made ‘Video Games’ promo attracted millions of views on YouTube, and since MTV arrived on the global scene in the early 1980s, scores of artists have experimented with the format.
History of Videos
The music video format is cited with enabling artists such as Michael Jackson to promote their work to a wider audience, and as the early days of MTV were focussed upon rock, many black artists began to release guitar-led tracks in order for the network to start playing their tracks. Today, people don’t even need to switch their television sets on in order to enjoy music videos, and due to tablets and smartphones can enjoy these four-minute clips anywhere they are.
Timeless Promos
Some older music videos may offer up production values that are very much of-their-time, yet continue to attract thousands upon thousands of views nonetheless. Some examples of this include the animation-based clip to A-ha’s ‘Take on Me’ or even Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – one of the earliest examples of the music video form. Over the years, many artists have experimented with the short film approach to promo-making, with clips such as Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ clocking in around the ten-minute mark. Improvements in technology have also made it easier for small, emerging artists to produce striking music videos on a budget, and many world-famous movie directors first cut their teeth by producing promos.
Better Accessibility
While it’s possible for an average song to be enhanced by a great promo, a great song doesn’t need to be hindered by a poor video. Nonetheless, it can be tiresome to see fantastic tracks matched up with generic, unadventurous performance clips of band members simply playing their instruments against a bland backdrop. The audience for music videos is now arguably bigger than ever, and promos that would otherwise struggle to be broadcast on television can be hunted down in a matter of seconds.

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Digifish is an award winning and innovative provider of film production services in Yorkshire, producing broadcast quality high definition films for TV, DVD and online audiences. It services range from filming and editing to all aspects of pre and post production, encompassing concept development, project management, script development, motion graphics and so much more.

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