Video Production Services in India is a new initiative of Armaan Productions. The company took a leap into the new venture of video production in India with the efforts and endeavours of its efficient and competitive team and management.

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In today’s on-demand world, video is the best communication tool and its services are becoming increasingly popular which a business can utilise and production house in Ludhiana can help you in every step of the way. More and more businesses are utilizing video marketing to create big budget TV commercial or a quick and a low cost corporate video – our team will show much attention to detail to every project. Hence, if you are seeking to work with a highly skilled Video editing company in Ludhiana in order to produce a safe and healthy series, or all you need is a single cameraman to record your client testimonials; Armaan Productions is the team for you.

Armaan Productions, located on the suburbs of City beautiful Chandigarh, the first planned city in India, is a one-stop shop for all your corporate, commercial and industrial video production. Video Production Company in Ludhiana caters a broad range of clients; including broadcast, industry, government, education, non-profits, entertainment, advertising, business and much more. When it comes to video production in Ludhiana, no other company has more crews or more equipment in the surrounding area. Whether it’s a field shoot or an in-house shoot everything can be handled, from a two-man ENG crew to a 25-person multi-camera production, our services are unlimited.

We have the most well equipped, the largest and luxurious corporate video company in Ludhiana production studios that includes two Insert studios, a green room, dressing rooms and a full service kitchen.

No matter what your budget is, our main aim is to approach every client and every project with one goal i.e. to make our client’s message unforgettable. And achieving that message to life, involves a series of phases which include: script writing, creating the storyboards and preparing the actual shoot. Post this is the where the production follows where the footage, computer graphics, music and special effects like 3d animation are carefully blended in our editing suites. Our Creative team, along with the highest quality equipment and the best editing facilities make us the go-to shop for all of your video productions.

Armaan Productions is your single source solution for all your video production services, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our expertise lies in understanding your business. Whether your goal is to entertain or promote, educate or inform our creative team will help you achieve an engaging video that will be delivered on time and on budget.

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